Cambodian Honeymoons

Cambodian Honeymoons

Cambodian Honeymoons

Cambodia, known as the Kingdom of Wonder attracts more than two million international visitors each year. With Angkor Wat, as the country’s main hub of tourism, Cambodia is now one of the ultimate travel destinations in the world.

Cambodia is an amazing country which is not only limited to those who would like to wander around Temples of Angkor and those who wish to venture off extreme and unique adventures. Cambodia has also been growing as a honeymoon destination preferred by many from around the world. There are many reasons to choose Cambodia for your honeymoon escapes as this country has a lot to offer. Here are some reasons to choose this beautiful and historic country in Southeast Asia for your romanctic honeymoon escapes.

Cambodia’s History 

Cambodia has a rich and amazing history. If you’d like to complement your honeymoon with something enriching, learn a bit of Khmer antiquity. Since their history has been spread throughout the country, tour guides, tuk tuk drivers or even the locals you will come across can give you a glance of the Angkorian history. In fact, Cambodia is one of the best places in Asia if you wish to soak yourselves in historical vibrancy.


Angkor Wat Complex  which covers hundreds of stunning structures such as pagodas, temples and imperial residences built centuries ago can be adored. As a couple, you will enjoy temple gazing and walking right in the footsteps of many great historic figures. Furthermore, the picturesque and stunning views of Angkor can make a perfect photo backdrop. So, don’t miss to have amazing picture taking sessions with your loved one.  If  adventure trips are on your list, there are a lot of activities that await you. Cycling, kayaking, mountain climbing or anything that satisfy your adventurous side, name it, Cambodia will not fail you. Sunrises as well as sunsets at the Angkor Temples should not also be missed during your holidays in Cambodia as they will leave you with an incredible and magical feeling – a moment to cherish!

Cambodian Cuisine

Cambodia has quite similarities with the cuisines of its neighboring countries, Thailand and Laos, and to a lesser extent, Vietnam but Cambodian food has its unique flavors that make it special. Cambodian or Khmer Cuisine uses herbs and special spices which add authentic flavors to any Cambodian food. Khmer-style curries, stir fried vegetables, rice, noodles and soups are just some of the staple food in Khmer cuisine. As a couple, you may also consider taking some culinary classes and bring Khmer flavors to your everyday life.


After the Angkor Archaeological Park was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the influx of tourism in Cambodia became on the rise. As a result, luxury resorts, hotels and accommodation facilities have mushroomed everywhere. In Cambodia, there are lot of options to stay and dine at. Navutu Dreams, Siem Reap’s only resort hotel for relaxed luxury and wellness retreats offers romantic packages for couples. Spa for two, massage for two and a romantic rooftop dinner date await you. The resort is the first property in Cambodia to be selected for the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens’ Global Collection and is listed as one of the top honeymoon hot spots in the world

When choosing destinations for your honeymoon or any romantic occasion, don’t hesitate to include Cambodia  – The Kingdom of Wonder on your list. Cambodian honeymoons can be the most unique and memorable romantic occasion you and your beloved could ever have.

Cambodian Honeymoons


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