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The First Sunrise of the Year at Angkor Wat | Navutu Dreams


The First Sunrise of the Year at Angkor Wat It is an amazing experience to be able to go through the lost city of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia and scramble around the temple ruins dating back from 9th to 15th century. The Angkor Archaeological Park is grand in size – about 154 square miles – which […]

A Sunset to Remember | Navutu Dreams

Angkor Sunset Tour

Angkor Sunset Tour Located just a few kilometers from Siem Reap’s City Center, Angkor Archaeological Park is one of the most important Archaeological sites in the world. A sunset tour at this designated UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the top things to do when visiting Siem Reap – The Angkor of Cambodia. Navutu Dreams, along with Lolei Travel offers you “Angkor […]

An Interview with our Guests | Elephant Volunteering in Cambodia

Elephant Volunteering in Cambodia

Elephant Volunteering in Cambodia Part of our daily routine at our boutique resort in Siem Reap is to speak with our guests and to check how their holiday in Cambodia is going. Yesterday, we came across a couple who happily shared an interesting story about their life-changing experiences in Cambodia. Dan and Helen who hail from the North of England […]

Phnom Bok | The Most Exciting, Less Visited Place in Angkor

Phnom Bok Angkor

Phnom Bok in Siem Reap, Cambodia is one of the most exciting, less visited places in the Angkor Wat Complex. It is one of the “Trilogies of Mountains” in the Angkor Area, Phnom Bok, and the other two which are Phnom Bakheng and Phnom Krom. These three sandstone temples were built under the reign of […]

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