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What to Eat in Cambodia | A Healthy Selection of Khmer Food

Khmer Food - Fresh Vegetables

A Healthy Selection of Authentic Khmer Food  Cambodia has some wonderful locally grown produce, from the seasonal fresh fruit for your smoothies and shakes, to the home-grown vegetables and herbs which add aromatic and spicy flavors to the traditional dishes. Khmer food is making its name again in the world-wide stakes and a lot of it is very […]

Bring Your Group Retreat to Siem Reap & Experience Mystical Angkor

Group Retreat in Siem Reap

Bring Your Group Retreat to Mystical Angkor Siem Reap, aptly known as the gateway to one of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat offers a great deal of options for group leaders and retreat organizers who would like to hold their group retreat in mystical Angkor. Often regarded as the place where Gods and Kings built the world, a […]

Reasons to Visit Cambodia on a Health Retreat – Navutu Dreams

Health Retreat - Navutu Dreams

Health Retreat in Cambodia We all encounter moments when we just want to disconnect from the world and give ourselves the permission to truly relax and get away. A wellness or yoga retreat just sounds about right as it allows us to unwind and retreat away from all the stresses of everyday life. So if you are planning to […]

Tea Ceremony | A 3,000 Year-old Tradition of Meditation Practice

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony  In the Western World, many people practice different relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises while in Asia, people also have their own ways to practice meditation and relaxation and one of which is by a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea. A tea ceremony is a ritualized form of preparing […]

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