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The Benefits of Personalized Wellness & Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats - Cambodia

Personalized Wellness & Yoga Retreats If you are feeling stressed out and in need of some moments of breather, then a personalized yoga retreat or a wellness retreat could just be the right answer. With all the hassle and stresses of everyday life, simply relaxing or doing things to feel restored is no longer considered as an […]

Full Moon Yoga Workshop: Energy Healing + Goddess Yoga Flow + Music & Mantra

full moon yoga

Full Moon Yoga: Let go, Forgive, Heal and Surrender This coming March 12, 2017, we are bringing again the Full Moon Women’s Circle that will allow you to understand, celebrate and harness the Power of the Full Moon. It is a perfect time to manifest our hearts’ deepest desires and release the limitation and fears that hold […]

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