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Reasons to Visit Cambodia on a Health Retreat – Navutu Dreams

Health Retreat - Navutu Dreams

Health Retreat in Cambodia We all encounter moments when we just want to disconnect from the world and give ourselves the permission to truly relax and get away. A wellness or yoga retreat just sounds about right as it allows us to unwind and retreat away from all the stresses of everyday life. So if you are planning to […]

5 Day Bliss Wellness Retreat at Navutu Dreams

Revised Shot

Bliss Wellness Retreat Cambodia | October 14 – 19, 2016 Recharge, Reset, Revitalize and Realize. Join us in a unique group yoga and wellness retreat at Navutu Dreams. Clear your mind, strengthen your body and revitalize your inner spirit with this group wellness retreat. Discover more about your energy anatomy through the world of chakras and Traditional Chinese […]

3 Reasons Why Yoga Studios Are Important

Yoga Studio

Yoga studios play an important role in Yoga practices as they help in building a connection between the student and the teacher. In today’s modern and digital age, there are some factors such as the isolating effects of technology that keep us away from having a real human connection. The most important role of Yoga studios […]

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