Yoga On The Move In Siem Reap – Salutations To The Sun

Yoga in Siem Reap at Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

As a beginner, you will most probably learn “surya namaskar” or salutations to the sun in yoga.  These common sequence of “asanas” or body positions originated in India to worship Surya, the Hindu solar deity. It can practiced on various level of awareness, ranging from physical exercise to complete “sadhana”  – a goal orientated transcendence through spiritual practice. This series of poses are easy to do and is both invigorating and calming. At the Navutu Resort & Wellness Retreat, our yoga instructors will be more than happy to take you through them. They are low impact and use most of our muscle group. Start your mornings with these poses as your mediation and a way to stretch those sleepy muscles as your preparation for the day. Traditionally, there are 108 poses in this sequence but the common practice is do either in 9’s or 12’s. Your body will love you for this great warm-up. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you may begin with and don’t forget to inhale and exhale!

Yoga Steps

yoga in Siem Reap at Navutu Dreams Resort

  1. Start with standing straight but relaxed.
  2. Touch your palms together in a “namaste” meditation pose around your chest area.
  3. Sweep your arms up until your palms touch: look up and bend your back slightly backwards. Inhale slowly.
  4. Fold your body forward slowly bringing your head down and your arms all the way down to your feet. This is the “forward fold”. Exhale as you do this.
  5. Raise your head, neck, shoulders and whatever you can and look up as much you can.
  6. Shift your weight into your hands and step or jump back until you are the bottom of a push-up. Bend your left leg and bring it to the front in a squatting position. Your right left should still be stretched. This is the left leg lunge. Your elbows should be at the right angle close to your ribs in a position where you look like you are about to start a race. Inhale.
  7. Bring your left leg back again and your hands should be stretched carrying your weight. Your body should be in a plank position and off the ground. Here, you exhale.
  8. Bring your body down again, your elbows bent and you are lying flat on the ground in a staff position. Inhale and exhale slowly.
  9. Push both your hands up, while half your body is raised and slightly bend your head backwards in a cobra position. The rest from waist down should be on the floor while you inhale.Lift your buttocks up slowly, being both your feet in on their toes. Push your hands up from the ground and you will be in a “V” position where your buttocks will be in the air. Exhale slowly as your face hands down because you are in a downward dog position.
  10. Bring your body down again and bring your right leg forward. You inhale as you do the right leg lunge. 10) Bring the other foot in a squatting position and you slowly rise up but with your body still folded.  Exhale slowly as your face hangs down in the forward fold.
  11. Raise up your body and hands slowly upwards. Touch your palms together and bend your back slightly backwards as your look up. Inhale deeply.
  12. Bring your head in again, stand straight but relaxed. Bring your hands down to the chest area again the same position you started. Touch your palm together in a prayer of gratitude. Exhale as you end.

Remember this is not an athletic competition so do all movements slowly. You don’t want to strain your back area or your hamstrings. With repetition comes fluidity and precision. Your morning practice should accomplish two important things. The first is invigorating your body and waking it up. The second is to prepare your mind in the steeling inner peace and calmness you can achieve through these poses.

Come learn to do the sun salutations with our in-house yoga specialists who are also well versed in Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha, Flow and Meditation yoga practices.


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