Cooking It Up with Chef Buncchou - Cooking Class in Siem ReapChef Buncchou grew up with a love for food. With a grandmother and a mother whose passion was to lovingly prepare dishes from recipes handed down through-out generations within their family. His own interest and devotion for scents and flavors tantalizing to the palate grew and led him to pursue a career in culinary. This quiet and reserved young gentleman now patiently shares some his family’s best kept secrets in a culinary journey he himself has crafted for Navutu Dreams’ guests.

Wellness cuisine and authentic home-inspired recipes are the core concepts of the gastronomic experience at Navutu Dreams. The resort’s kitchen buzzes with activity from dawn to dusk as breads are baked, fruit jams are bottled, pastas are hand-made and pizzas are pulled from the stone-oven. It is easy to stay true to a ‘farm to table’ belief as complements well ethos of a ‘wellness diet’ and authentic, traditional recipes.

Navutu Dreams applaud and support the efforts of Agrisud (, a French organization which has organized farm groups into cooperatives and incessantly teaches and monitors the adaption of organic farming.


Each Navutu Dreams’ culinary session with Chef Buncchou starts with a visit to the Agrisud Farm. The last few meters going into the heart of this farming community is an ox-cart ride for the guest. Freshly harvested coconut is cut and served as a refreshing drink. After the brief break, guests head out to the farm with their basket and they pick the key ingredients of the day. They head back to the resort. A kitchen station waits in the garden where they get to cook up a luncheon feast with Chef Buncchou. Cooking It Up with Chef Buncchou


Guests who are interested to sign up for a cooking lesson with Chef Buncchou can select either a Cambodian Set Menu or a Wellness Menu. Recipes and Certificates are handed out in time for the souvenir photo. Lunch is prepared also at the garden using the dishes made during the class. Cooking it up with Chef Buncchou is priced at US$60.00++ per person (Subject to prevailing taxes & service charge) For inquiries, please email [email protected] Cooking It Up with Chef Buncchou

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