Paths of Wellness in Angkor Wat

Wellness Angkor Wat

Path of Wellness: Angkor Wat

To have a healthy holiday in Angkor is no mean feat at all. Any tour itinerary centered on an Angkor Wat visit can be augmented by activities that would underline your need to keep fit while having fun.

Stretching over 400 sq. m, the Angkor Archaeological Park contains not only the much photographed magnificent remains of the various Khmer Capitals from the 9th to the 15th century but also lush, verdant forests.

Wellness Angkor Wat

The park has been the venue for great athletic events including the iconic Angkor Wat International Half Marathon ( which takes place yearly on the 1st Saturday of December. Now on its 15th year, the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon  welcomes a minimum of 12,000 runners per year from all over the globe. Its circuit ropes around the Angkor Wat, one of South East Asia’s most revered UNESCO World Heritage sites.

3 Pranayama Meditation at the Temple - Wellness Angkor Wat

The promise of fresh air, serene, green sceneries and powerful, ancient monuments make Angkor a perfect setting for wellness pursuits. Lighter ventures would be pranayama meditation or sunrise yoga sessions on temple grounds. This is uniquely not only a holistically rejuvenating experience but an auspicious one as well.

Active endeavors can mean a bicycle ride around the Angkor Archaeological Park. This is an exciting two-wheel adventure off the beaten track. There are smaller temples to explore away from the normal tourist routes. This can turn-out to be breathtaking for one and a great bonding encounter for families and friends. Partners like Grasshopper Adventures ( allow us to craft itineraries for thoroughly enjoyable bike outings within the park and around other enriching routes in Siem Reap.Wellness Angkor Wat

On your next visit to Angkor, we invite you to explore these possibilities. At Navutu Dreams, we prefer to enhance your sabbatical as you would prefer it.

Wellness Angkor Wat

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