Outstanding Team Members for the Month of August 2015 – Navutu Dreams

Outstanding team members for the month of August 2015 - Navutu Dreams

As a resort and wellness retreat, we at Navutu Dreams are in the business of looking after people. It takes a lot of heart, a certain personality and a lot of dedication. As an organization we are proud to be made up of people whose got all these. Every guest review we receive is a mirror of how well we have lived up to our service ethos- which is to deliver authentic and personal service. We salute our team members who embody our ideals.  Herewith are our outstanding co-workers for August.


You would rarely catch a glimpse of our Biv Pong. Pong is one of our gardeners who meticulously maintain our  hectare and a half of beautiful and verdant gardens. She has been with the resort since September 2013. Shy by nature, she is a quiet, hard worker. We owe much of the natural beauty around the resort to her and the rest of gardening team who tirelessly look after every plant, shrub and tree.





Like Pong, Jo Buaron quietly works around the resort. He hails from the Philippines and has always been an electrician. He is the resort’s main handy-man. You will find him dutifully checking on the lights on the grounds or fixing here and there. He is always cheerful and happily helps his colleagues every time, much to their gratefulness and admiration.




Our colleague Ear Saody is no stranger to majority of our guests. His name has appeared several times on the very best TripAdvisor reviews for Navutu Dreams. Ever helpful, ever friendly and a precise source of good information, Saody is a shining example of Navutu Dreams’ service. When asked what inspires him the most, he said his family. A father of two, he started as a tuk-tuk driver, moved on to restaurant service until finding his true calling, working behind the reception desk, gracing people with his warm and easy smile and give them heaps of advice on his home town of Siem Reap.

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