Have you ever heard of Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese? 

Forest Bathing is a new trend in wellness which is simply spending time in the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere. This wellness practice can give you an impressive array of health benefits that will surpass your expectation.

Navutu Dreams, Siem Reap’s only high-end resort & wellness retreat features “Forest Bathing” as one of the resort’s destination-inspired wellness activities designed to complement your relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in Angkor. Aside from yoga sessions at the temples, sunrise meditation and other wellness activities offered at our Siem Reap resort, this new addition to our wellness offers involves walking into the woods and taking in the forest atmosphere which helps you to connect mind, body, and Mother Nature.

Forest bathing by Navutu Dreams

Forest Bathing: A Walking Meditation

The Japanese term Shinrin-yoku may literally mean “forest bathing,” but it does not involve hopping and soaking in a bath tub amongst the trees. Rather it refers to a visit to the forest for relaxation and recreation. This practice has been proven for its therapeutic or bathing effects. Scientific studies now confirm its health benefits in the body. Based on studies, when time is spent in green spaces you breathe in phytoncides, compounds naturally released by plants and trees which appear to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, activate a healthy immune system, and improves mental health.

Forest bathing by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap ResortAccording to Qing Li, the president of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine (Los Angeles Times), Forest Bathing allows participants to breathe in air that contains volatile essential oils from surrounding trees with active components such as limonene that have anti-microbial and immune-boosting properties. The compounds that trees produce to prevent rot and protect themselves from insect pests are good for usSome research studies also show that when a person spends some time with the nature and walks in a relaxed manner, there are calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits to be achieved.

Forest Bathing is gentle exercise, nature appreciation, and meditation all in one. It is a walking meditation among trees which allows you to de-stress and lift your spirits up. Open all your senses. Smell the fresh air. Feel the sunshine on your skin, the earth beneath your feet. Look at the things around you and listen to the tranquil sounds of nature. The concept is to really“bathe” yourself in the forest. 

Forest Bathing by Navutu Dreams

Forest Bathing by Navutu Dreams Siem Reap Resort

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat‘s approach to Forest Bathing integrates leisure walks on select paths with guided activities and meditation within the Archaeological Park of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This activity enables you to indulge yourself in the forest and have you connected with the nature like you have never experienced before. This walking meditation offered by Navutu Dreams can be added to your retreat program or can be easily should you wish to sign up for this unique wellness experience. Immerse yourself and embrace the healing power of Nature.

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