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Cambodian Family Holidays

Cambodian Family Holidays – Siem Reap for Visiting Families

Taking your family for a holiday in Asia? Cambodian family holidays can be a great choice for that much-awaited family getaway. 

Cambodia is a great destination for families as there is so much to see,  discover and experience. At the top of the list is the magnificent beauty of world’s famous Angkor Wat which will take you back to centuries. Siem Reap which is the gateway to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the starting point to discover it all. Your family holiday can be really enriching and remarkable as you explore around the Temples of Angkor built between the 9th – 12th century. Discover the ancient beauty of Angkor Wat – the largest religious structure in the world, explore Ta Prohm – the jungle temple which features gigantic fig trees growing out of the ruins and is also referred as the “Angelina Jolie Temple” after the scenes from movie Tomb Raider were filmed at the temple and the Bayon Temple – the temple with 54 towers decorated with more than 200 enigmatic smiling faces.

Your visit to Siem Reap does not only end in temple gazing as there are still many other interesting things to do. Your family may enjoy visiting a silk farm in Angkor where you can see the whole process of silk creation. From growing the food for the silkworms, breeding the worms, silk extraction to dyeing and looming. All these can be enjoyed by your family for free.

Cambodian family holidays can be enterprising too especially if your family is up for the challenges. There are family tours for extreme adventures such as  kayaking through the lakes, cycling through off the beaten track, visiting the floating villages and climbing up the mountains to have a wonderful view of the Angkor Archaeological Park, all can be ventured by your family.

Siem Reap’s Family-Friendly Hotel Resort

Cambodian family holidays

Navutu Dreams Resort  a stunning, Mediterranean-inspired family-friendly boutique resort which is set in the most idyllic place in Angkor. With well-appointed family accommodations, child-friendly pools, kids menu and a babysitting option, we can highlight your family’s Southeast Asia holiday.

Our dynamic team is passionate about tailoring your family’s unforgettable experience which is as stress-free and relaxing as possible. We are happy to craft family destination-themed activities for you and your family which include educational, culinary and cultural journeys and at the same time having tons of fun.

For more info about Cambodian family holidays, you can view our Family Adventure package here or email directly at [email protected]

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