As they say when one door closes, a window opens.  Although we are very sorry to say goodbye to our former Yoga Manager, Tassos, his departure from Navutu Dreams makes way for Nelli, as she will now look after Navutu Dreams’ yoga studio.

We have already introduced Nelli as she first joined Navutu Dreams‘ team of Yoga and Wellness experts; however, we sat down with her to know more about her, her passion for yoga, her Siem Reap life and what teaching at Navutu Dreams is like.

About Nelli

Nelli Csarno hails from Budapest, Hungary. Prior to studying and teaching Yoga, she was a psychologist.  Coaching and human relations used to be her line of work as she was working as a Human Resource Manager at a fast-paced corporation back then.

Yoga Background

Navutu Dreams' Yoga Studio ManagerNelli started to practice Yoga 6 years ago. At first, she did not know much about it and just thought that it was merely about physical exercise. However, as she began to practice Yoga, she felt some improvements about herself. She experienced physical benefits that also led to many other benefits such as self-confidence and having a positive outlook on life. Just like many great teachers, Nelli also felt compelled to share her love for yoga and its whole-person benefits.

Nelli holds three yoga teaching certifications: Hatha, a Spine Yoga teaching training certification, Ashtanga, a Primary Series Teaching training and Vinyasa Flow, which she obtained from her training in Bali, Indonesia.

EXPAT2016 (1)

Q: What can you say about living in Siem Reap? 

While most of the visitors come to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat, the city has a lot to offer. From the first time I got here, I have been fond of its colourful buildings and riverside alleys. The city’s charm is complete with a wide variety of cafes, restaurants with cuisines from all around the world as well as beautiful handcrafted goods. My personal favorites are those, that give back to the community by training local staff, and supporting education in Cambodia.

Navutu Dreams' Yoga Studio Manager

Q: What are you looking forward to in your classes?

Like each yoga practice, each class is different. I always look forward to meeting the yogis, and adjusting the class to their level and needs. I feel especially humbled when I can introduce yoga to those who have not practiced before. No matter where we are coming from, the peaceful smiles at the end of the practice unite us. This is why I love to teach.

Q: How do you feel about being the New Yoga Studio Manager?

I am very excited. I have the honour to join a dedicated professional team, and continue bringing wellness and yoga to people. At Navutu Dreams, everything is designed to help one unwind, slow down, and find peace of mind. My mission is that everyone finds something in the practice they can take home with them.

Navutu Dreams' Yoga Studio Manager

Q: What is teaching at Navutu Dreams like?

Teaching at Navutu is very unique. I get to meet so many interesting people from all around the world, and guide them in their practices in the most professional yoga space in Siem Reap. As teachers, we get to use our authentic creativity as we offer different styles, so that everyone can join a class that suits them the most. From meditation through pranayama (breathing practices) to slower, spiritual or more vigorous, playful asana sequences, three times a day together we explore the richness of this ancient technique.

Navutu Dreams' Yoga Studio ManagerWe have included a brief list of the classes that our Yoga Studio Manager, Nelli offers at Navutu Dreams. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.

  • Hatha Yoga – Combines breath, movement and awareness into a moderately paced flowing sequence of asanas.
  • Vinyasa – A dynamic sync between movement & breath in motion that revitalizes the muscles and eases the mind.
  • Restorative – Rejuvenate the body and mind. Let breath and gravity create a deep opening to release tension while you rest into supported positions.
  • Yin – A slow-paced, meditative style with poses that are held for longer periods of time with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility as well as inner awareness.

Please connect with us on our Facebook page, Navutu Yoga Siem Reap to know more about our classes, promotions and events.


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