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Workplace Wellness Workshop

Do you work in an office? Have you suffered from low back pain, wrist discomfort, shoulder tension, or headaches? Have you ever felt tired, stressed, or overwhelmed at work? Yoga can help! 

Research continues to show that a consistent yoga and meditation practice changes your brain for the better. Yoga helps to reduce stress and bring creativity, innovation, and productivity to the place many of us spend the majority of our time – the office!

Workplace Wellness Workshop

Navutu Dreams brings “Workplace Wellness Workshop” to Siem Reap, the first workplace workshop in town. The workshop is specifically designed to guide office workers how to integrate simple and effective yoga poses, meditation techniques, and breathing practices into their busy workday. This will keep them refreshed and invigorated despite the stresses of the office. The cumulative effects of yoga will help them to be the best version of themselves, both at the office and in their daily lives. A Workplace Wellness Workshop may be booked at the Navutu Dreams yoga studio or it can be organized within your own selected venue. Reserve at least 7 days before your preferred date.

Workplace Wellness WorkshopOur Yoga Studio Manager, Nelli will oversee the Workplace Wellness Workshop. Before she became a corporate yoga teacher, she also spent some time working behind a desk and has personally experienced the toll a desk job can take on the body, mind and heart. She understands the stressful nature of a corporate setting and she is excited to bring this workshop to the office warriors of Cambodia.

Workplace WellnessWhat Will Be Covered:

  • Yoga asana (poses) for common workplace ailments such as low back/hip pain, wrist issues, headaches, and neck/shoulder tension;
  • Yoga asana for better posture;
  • Desk + chair yoga which you can do at work in your business clothes;
  • Meditation techniques that help increase focus and productivity;
  • Practical breathing techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety.

Attire: Feel free to wear yoga clothes, or any clothing that you might wear at your office. Our aim is to help you create a yoga system that works for you no matter where you are, or what you are wearing.

Workplace Wellness Workshop

As an introduction to workplace wellness, Navutu Dreams will have its workshop at our spacious yoga studio this March 12 for individuals who want to learn this yoga practice which they can integrate into their everyday lives. Limited slots available.

Price: US$8.00++ per person


  • Yoga mats
  • Bottled Water
  • Towels
  • Use of our three pools and Resort’s facilities

Note: The workshop is originally priced at US$30.00++ per person but as an introduction to this workplace workshop, it will be US$8.00++ per person on March 12. Group yoga classes are also offered.

To book a “Workplace Wellness Workshop”, please email [email protected] or call 063 964 864 / 092 141 694.

Workplace Wellness Workshop

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