Meet Stéphane de Greef, the person who helped discover a lost city in Cambodia, Angkor’s best naturalist. Discover more about the things to do in Angkor through his nature tours.

Most of the tourists who come visit Siem Reap – Angkor of Cambodia are often under the impression that everything there is to do only revolves around viewing and exploring the temples of Angkor. From bicycling around the temples, to viewing them via hot air balloon, taking a temple tour via tuk tuk or riding on the back of an elephant. Many people do not realize that there is so much more to do than just wandering around the temples.

We were privileged to be taken on a Nature Discovery Tour by Stephane de Greef, a Belgian-born environmental engineer, cartographer and nature photographer who has been living in Siem Reap, Cambodia for over a decade. He is regarded as Angkor’s best naturalist for his vast knowledge about the temples and the biodiversity of life in Angkor. In 2012, his knowledge of cartography, landmines and forest biology led to the discovery and exploration of an ancient city in the Cambodian jungle, the royal capital of Mahendraparvata. Moreover, with his high-tech laser technology, he was able to uncover dozens of century-old temples that had been repressed by the jungle.

Stephane’s Nature Discovery Tours focus on off-the-beaten path itineraries, Angkor’s stunning biodiversity where you can get to learn more about fauna and flora and discreet evidence of ancient civilization. The tours he crafts will definitely let tourists experience something new and will let them discover that Angkor is more than just temples. According to Stephane, many tourists miss the chance to see the the other side of Angkor, which is full of life. His Nature Discovery Tours usually take about 2 to 4 hours depending on what you would like to see and what you would like to venture off.


The tours that Stephane caters are divided into two categories:

Nature Discovery Walks

  • 2 Hour Walk / 2 km – A great introductory tour for nature enthusiasts of all ages, ideal for families traveling with their kids. This tour will be a short and easy walk where you can get a closer look at Cambodia’s wildlife. ( 1 – 2 pax at US$179.00++ / 3 – 6 pax at US$ 229.00++)
  • 3 Hour Walk / 4 km – A more in-depth walk which includes rarely visited Angkorian temples. This is also a great chance to learn more about the insects of Angkor. ( 1 – 2 pax at US$229.00++ / 3 – 6 pax at US$279.00++)
  • 4 Hour Walk / 8 km – This is a half-day tour that takes you to the heart of Angkor’s jungle. This discovery tour combines Stephane’s in-depth knowledge of plants, animals and archaeology. ( 1 – 2 pax at US$279.00++ / 3 – 6 pax at US$ 429.00++)
  • 8 Hour Walk / 16 m – A full-day tour across the Angkor Park, from sunrise to sunset. ( 1 – 2 pax at US$329.00++ / 3 – 6 pax at US$ 379.00++)

Countryside Discovery Trek

  • 5 hour trek / 12 km – An active half-day trek through the Angkorian countryside where you get to meet and greet people living in the countryside and learn more about their lifestyle and tradition. ( 1 – 2 pax at US$329.00++ / 3 – 6 pax at US$379.00++)

For more info about Stephane’s Nature and Countryside Discovery Walks, you can contact [email protected] or you may call 063 964 864 / 092 141 694.

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