Meet Bianca, Navutu Dreams’ Newest Member To The Team Of Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructor

Bianca Ragone: Navutu Dreams’ Yoga Instructor

We would like to put the spotlight on Bianca Ragone, the newest member to our team of international wellness experts and yoga instructors. Hailing from Hawaii, USA, Bianca has been a yoga teacher for about 7 years. We had a chance to sit down with her and know more about her life and her yoga background.

How Bianca Started


Prior to embarking on a life of yoga, Bianca was a special education teacher in Hawaii and Florida for 5 years. She began practicing yoga when she was still a primary school teacher and it was her way to manage stress, as being a primary school teacher was a demanding job according to her. She said that it helped her cultivate peace from within when things became occupied and stressful. As she was experiencing positive results through yoga practice, she delved deeper into yoga and practice more.

Yoga Background


Bianca holds a 200-hour teacher training certification and a 95-hour Hatha Flow certification which she both obtained at Core Power Yoga in San Diego, California. Just right after completing her training, she already started to teach yoga in California and Florida. At present, she specializes in teaching yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power and Restorative/Therapeutic.

What Brought Her To Siem Reap, Angkor of Cambodia


Bianca decided to move over Siem Reap when she got a job offer from a wellness retreat center last year. When asked why she decided to share her yoga knowledge and practice in Cambodia, she said that Cambodia was a place that had experienced a lot of trauma and pain and she just felt compelled to share the healing and transformative effects of yoga. According to her, her aim is to help people experience more love through healing, restorative and the therapeutic aspect of yoga practice.

Bianca at Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

Bianca was asked about what she liked about teaching at Navutu Dreams. She said that the resort hotel and wellness retreat was just peaceful, lovely and serene, that the setting would just get you in the mood. “It’s the most professional yoga space in town”, she added.

What Students Should Expect From Her Classes


Bianca is now a regular yoga instructor at Navutu Dreams, teaching Vinyasa, Power and Hatha Yoga styles. Her approach in teaching yoga is to share the practice in a way that is accessible to anybody. Having been leading yoga retreats for over six months and throughout teaching since she completed her training, Bianca has the honor to teach beginners to already trained yoga practitioners. Bianca said that her classes would always have different ability levels. For experienced and advanced practitioners, they will still feel challenged, inspired and motivated and for the beginners who have limited yoga practice, they will also feel successful and not intimidated. Her goal is to give everybody a positive experience whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

Yoga InstructorFor more information about her classes at Navutu Yoga, you can visit our page, or come join her for a yoga class at our wellness retreat in Southeast Asia.

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