Navutu Dreams Extends Help in Emergency Drought Relief

Emergency Drought Relief

Emergency Drought Relief Cambodia

In response to the current drought and water situation in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Navutu Dreams has extended its help in the Emergency Drought Relief initiated by Life Project Cambodia to help communities that are the hardest hit by the water crisis.  This year’s is said to be the worst drought to hit Cambodia and families in the rural areas are in a desperate situation. The Emergency Drought Relief provides assistance to about 600 families in the communities of Chi Kreng and the goal of the project is to supply each family a 20 L of town water per day, 6 days per week. The project will continue until the rainy season arrives and once the water levels are in stable levels for use.

Emergency Drought Relief

Emergency Drought Relief

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat with the initiative of our Italian owners, Maddalena and Giovanna has donated an amount that can provide the needed town water for 600 families, for one month. Our owners have always  been passionate about supporting worthy causes like this and this time, they are happy to support Life Project Cambodia. Life Project Cambodia is a non-profit organization designed to empower Cambodian children and youth to create their own solutions to poverty. The organization does not only provide scholarships and family assistance but also does community outreach in underprivileged Cambodian communities.

Emergency Drought Relief

Donate for the Emergency Drought Relief

Donations are still very much needed to help support this project. When you make a donation to Life Project Cambodia, you can help provide potable drinking water for these poverty-stricken communities. For the event that there are excess funds, the funds will be allocated to community-based water infrastructure such as water tanks and water filters to further improve water supply and water stability within the commune.

Life Project Cambodia is very transparent about their projects and they invite every sponsor to check their annual financial report.

Emergency Drought Relief

For more information about the Emergency Drought Relief, you may email the organization at [email protected] or visit their website Life Project Cambodia. 

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