Professional Khmer Artist Gives Life to Navutu Dreams’ Yoga Studio

Khmer Artist

Khmer Artist and Navutu Dreams’ Yoga Shala

A new look that hopefully reflects our spirit and our vibe… 

We are pleased  to reopen our doors with our newly redesigned studio to all yoga enthusiasts. By redesigning our yoga shala, we hope to provide a sanctuary for holistic wellness. The new look of Navutu’s yoga shala aims not to only offer an area for physical well-being but to provide an area for holistic health & well-being 

Khmer Artist

We would like to put the spotlight on Mr. Roeun Sokhom, a professional Khmer artist who gives life to our yoga shala, creating a more holistic wellness retreat theme. Mr. Sokhom hails from Battambang province and grew up with a genuine love for art. As a child, painting on land with dirt was his humble start until he was determined to pursue his dreams.

Khmer Artist

In 2003, he went to Phare Ponleu Selpak Art School in Battambang and had the opportunity to hone his skills. According to him, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. After he finished his studies, he then joined the world-class team of Phare Cambodian Circus where he had the chance to set out his art skills for ‘Sokha’ show. Soon enough, his artwork started to receive recognition and he was able to travel and do exhibitions in Asia and Europe.

Khmer Artist

“I have been to France, Italy and Japan and I’m so glad to have been able to show to the world my passion for art.”  At present, Mr. Sokhom is a freelance artist and now runs his own studio, Studio Art Battambang. Through the popularity of his work, he has been invited to several exhibition shows and has provided him the opportunity to open another art studio in Siem Reap. He said that his art studio in Siem Reap also serves as an avenue for other Khmer artists to show off their skills, and gives them the chance to make a living out of their artwork.

Khmer Artist

Come, take a glance of Navutu yoga shala’s new look and join one of our classes. Navutu Yoga Siem Reap still offers a full program of yoga, meditation and relaxation classes offered three times daily. All classes are open to men and women of all levels, ages and abilities.

To check our latest schedule, you can visit Navutu Yoga and for updates, you can connect with us through our Facebook page: Navutu Yoga Siem Reap.  To contact Mr. Sokhom, you can visit Roeun Sokhom Art Works.


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