Holistic Wellness | Expert View: Francois Chaillou

holistic wellness

Holistic Wellness

At Navutu Dreams, we promote holistic wellness and encourage the practices of alternative medicine. We offer a range of programs that addresses different goals:  yoga practice, detox for the mind & body, stress management and recovery from burnout. Each of our wellness programs is designed based on individual needs. Our approach to holistic wellness puts emphasis on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Our team of International wellness experts and practitioners excel at what they do and will always be on hand to guide you through your wellness journey.

Expert View: Francois Chaillou

holistic wellnessFrancois Chaillou is our resort’s wellness specialist. Francois hails from France and has been practicing and teaching yoga for about 20 years and has 15 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. He facilitates acupuncture treatments, yoga therapy sessions & several programs such as detox, shiatsu and auriculotherapy at our wellness resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Francois holds the following certifications:

  • Diploma from the Acupuncture school in Paris , l’ E.F.C.A.M
  • Certified from Ministry of Health , Vietnam National Hospital of Acupuncture
  • Certified by the MUNGKALA Chinese medicine clinic in Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Certified Iyengar Yoga in Rishikesh by Karin O’ Bannon (Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher)
  • B.N.S Iyengar in Mysore in Ashtanga Yoga

Francois’ Philosophy on Wellness

2Francois’ philosophy on wellness is about coming into balance with oneself, body and mind. According to him, mental health is really important. If you have a clear and healthy mind, everything follows. Maintaining a healthy balance between your mind, body, and soul is really powerful as it nurtures your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

“In a world where stress, hustle and restlessness are always present, peace of mind is of great importance.”

According to Francois, a clear and balanced mind helps you change your inner attitude and learn how to stop allowing external influences affect your moods and states of mind. He says that once you start the practice, you will become aware of positive inner changes within youSo, how do we achieve this?  Just like any other skill, it can be achieved through time, practice and perseverance to develop.

Why It Is Important to Detox

In our everyday lives, we are exposed to toxins and other factors which are detrimental to our health and well-being. From the food we eat, the quality of air we breathe to the stresses of life – they all have negative effects on our body’s natural body processes. For instance, harmful toxins such as free radicals, impurities and heavy metals which are partially responsible for aging are flushed out through detoxing. Detoxing help cleanse our system and help improve the absorption of good nutrients in the body.

Francois also pointed out that detoxing is not only about physical detoxes perhaps juicing or through a special diet. As what he mentioned, wellness is about the healthy balance of body and mind. No matter how clean your physical body is, if your mind is still full of doubts and worries, you will still feel unclear and unhappy. 

Detox for the Body is one of the wellness programs our wellness guru, Francois oversees here at Navutu Dreams. For those who would like to take the opportunity to go deeper, and thoroughly cleanse the body, our Detox for the Body can give you the opportunity to feel rejuvenated and recharged. The program incorporates a cleanse, light exercise and personalized body work.

What are the top 5 holistic wellness tips from our wellness specialist?

Francois’ Top 5 Wellness Tips

  1. Proper thinking which can be achieved through meditation.
  2. Proper diet, less meat and more vegetables, also lessen or eliminate sugar consumption.
  3. Exercise. Two or three times a week will definitely help. 
  4. Pursue a hobby, engage yourself in activities that you enjoy doing. Our stress-filled lives can certainly do with the refreshing break that pursuing a hobby can provide us with.
  5. Socialize, a practice which is good for personal growth and mental health.

If you are a guest staying at our resort, our wellness guru, Francois offers free consultation. For more info about our detox programs and holistic wellness offers, you can visit Navutu Dreams: Southeast Asia Wellness Retreat. If you have any questions about our programs, you can contact directly [email protected].

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