Beng Mealea Tour

The downside of visiting top destinations is that everyone else would like to see them too. Angkor Wat which is the World’s Best Tourism Destination for 2016 is one of those places which is heavily visited by tourists. Very often, these popular sites are packed with massive crowds and we know how it exactly feels. Dragging around with the massive crowds is not everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation. After a day or two exploring around the main temples of Angkor, for sure, you will want to get away from it all, even for a bit. An excursion to Beng Mealea can just be the right ticket for you. 

Beng Mealea Tour

Navutu Dreams in partnership with Lolei Travel offers “Beng Mealea Tour”, a 1-Day Adventure Tour which allows you to delve deeper and really scramble around a very old, and impressive jungle temple less visited by the tourism crowds. A visit to Kok Dong Local School is also part of the tour for you to get an idea of what a typical Cambodian school is like. The experience can be highly emotive and uplifting.

Beng Mealea Tour Highlight

  • 1 Day Guided Adventure Tour (9:00am – 5:00pm)
  • A Visit to Beng Mealea, one of the last real jungle temples
  • A Visit to Kok Dong Local School
  • Picnic Lunch at Preah Bat Boun Than Pagoda, a beautiful local pagoda


1You will start the day with a visit to the local school of Kok Dong where students are charged  US$.50 cents a month for general education. Afterwards, walk around a beautiful local pagoda with your guide and enjoy a simple picnic lunch while enjoying the serenity of the sacred grounds. Continue the journey with exploring the ruins of Beng Mealea, left to the Cambodian jungle overgrowth for centuries.

What to Expect

The Beng Mealea Tour is an 8 hour adventure tour crafted by Lolei Travel to let you delve deeper into a real wilderness experience, away from the tourism crowds. Get ready for an hour drive on the way there while you enjoy the view of the Cambodian countryside. Beng Mealea is a thousand-year-old temple which covers one of the largest acres of jungle terrain located 40km east of the main temples of Angkor.

Beng Mealea Tour

Why visit this jungle temple? Unlike many other Angkor temples, Beng Mealea has not been fortified or rehabilitated. This means you can experience the feeling the first explorers must have felt when they uncovered this hidden gem – an authentic Indiana Jones experience.

A visit to Kok Dong Local School is also part of the tour where the school director will explain how important it is that Cambodian children are receiving the proper education. Most children do not get the chance to study because of lack of public schools in the community. This experience can be heart-warming and can change the way you view life. Donations can also be made if you wish to.

Beng Mealea Tour

Tour Inclusions:

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Private Air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Picnic Lunch at a beautiful local pagoda
  • Customized Travel Program
  • Entrance Fees
  • Water and Cold Towels

The Beng Mealea Tour is ideal for couples and families. For couples, it is priced at US$105.00++ while for families, the adventure tour is priced at US$85.00++.

*Note that the prices are quoted per person and discounts are available for groups. 

For more info about the “Beng Mealea Tour”, please email [email protected] or  call (855) 63 964864.

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