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New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Here it is again, another year rolling to an end, and the shiny new promise of the next one just on the horizon. We all know 2016 has been rough in many ways, but we are sure it has also had its moments of wonder, joy and change for good. So while we look to the future and plan to improve our lives, let’s also reflect on the positives and highlight all those achievements that have gone before.

New Year’s Resolutions Tips and Tricks

New Year's Solution

Here are some tips and tricks to help you transition from this year to the next, and to set your resolutions with a higher chance of success!

1. Take some time to reflect on the positive things that have happened over the past year, you can do this by sitting quietly in a meditation and focusing only on the positive starting from January, or you can actually write them down one by one. This will encourage your sense of achievement and motivate you to make further positive changes with success!

2. When setting next year’s resolutions, keep it simple. Setting less resolutions (between 1 and 3) makes it more likely to happen, and choose ones that truly mean something to you, not what you think those around you want, or what you think you should be doing, but look within and set true resolutions based on your values.

3. Be specific. Many might be familiar with goal setting, but you do need to make it measurable. Instead of “I want to save money”, you need to state how much and by when. If it is something more spiritual like “Improve Mindfulness” then add a measurable activity like “Meditate 5 minutes every day for three months”.

4. Take time between now and New Year’s Eve to think about what you would like to achieve, then you can start to formulate a plan. Those with a plan are much more likely to achieve success than those without.

5. Don’t be scared of change! Sometimes the thought of real change is too scary as we worry about losing people along the way, or losing the familiarity of the life we know, but step by step positive changes will only bring strength. And if there is one thing that is certain in life, it is that everything always changes… and taxes. (hehe, old school joke).

6. Failing is not falling! We must, must try in the first place and if we get side tracked, we must forgive ourselves! The process of change is an ongoing scale. It is not linear and every time we get distracted, and then find our way back to progress is a step stronger so try, and try again. If it continues to be your goal, then just keep swimming!

You can always get together with friends, before or on New Year’s Eve and as a group you can reflect, plan and support each other, as telling others of your New Year’s resolutions often makes them stronger. But we would recommend a quiet evening, with some candles and paper and pens to write down your thoughts… then you can open the champagne! (Drunk resolutions don’t always work so well).

From everyone here at Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams, Happy Resolutions and we hope to see you soon!

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Maria of Get Real Yoga is one of our yoga instructors at our onsite Siem Reap yoga studio, Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams. Maria qualified in Ashtanga and Hatha in India and has taught retreats, resorts, gyms, and privately. She leads the Ashtanga classes with a modern twist and she ensures the classes are inclusive to all ability levels.

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