Why Yoga Is Effective | It Is All Down to Good Vibrations

Yoga is effective

Why is Yoga Effective? 

Investigating further into why yoga is effective, and how it differs from a pure workout is a great subject, and we mean great in the traditional sense meaning extremely large!

But here, we will try and summarize it into bite size portions for everyone to have a nibble and get a taste for the delicious flavor of why yoga works and why yoga is effective.

From a scientific point of view, we have become aware that all matter is vibrating particles (as proven again and again by Quantum Physicists) the density of the matter depends on the frequency of the vibration. This is also true of our bodies, from our physical muskulo-skeletal system to the nervous system and blood circulation these are all made up of cells which are made up of particles vibrating.

And while it is not represented in the same physical way this also applies to our spiritual bodies, the chakra and energy channel system which allow the flow of Prana (life force) throughout the self and contributes greatly to our well-being (or lack thereof!).

So Here Are 5 Points to Explain Why Yoga Is Effective

  1. The physical poses in yoga have existed for a VERY long time (2000 years are the first records but they pre-exist this date) and were developed to work on the deeper chakra systems and energy channels, by making the correct shapes, we are activating subtle energy networks and enhancing the flow of Prana (life force).

Yoga is Effective

2 . The breath in yoga is vital to push that Prana through the network, so unlike a gym workout where we are more focused on the physical, yoga uses breath to balance and shift Prana around clearing blockages.

Yoga is Effective3. Chanting is another vibration, a sound frequency and is so powerful at changing the cellular vibration within our spiritual and physical bodies (yes, one does affect the other!). So before you dismiss chanting as a load of old Hocum, it is an extremely powerful practice on its own and worth a try!

Yoga is Effective4. Research has shown the effect that negative words have on water crystals and the jagged irregular shapes they form as a result, living in a more mindful way has the opposite positive effect. Harsh words said even in our heads to ourselves can have detrimental, physical side effects such as disease or illness, so striving to be mindful can enhance well-being!

Yoga is Effective

5. Remembering that the spiritual body affects the physical body. So first, we have the experience from the outside world, and our emotional or physical reaction, then store it in the spiritual body, if it is negative and we hold on to it and do not let it go then it becomes stored in the physical body (in a different frequency) as a knot in the shoulders for example. This shows how stress can affect the physical body as it passes through the spiritual and physical bodies. Yogic practices work to undo some of this negative storage and that is why we are always encouraging people to Let Go!

Yoga is Effective

That is just a little amuse bouche for you to chew over, and if you would like to experience the main course you can just come to one of our Siem Reap yoga classes at Samadhi Yoga by Navutu Dreams.


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