Reconnect with Nature | 5 Simple & Easy Ways to Return to the Loving Embrace of Mother Nature


Reconnect with Nature

Sometimes we can feel a little frazzled, over-worked, stressed and even lost in this fast paced modern life. One of the quickest and easiest ways to re-connect and feel grounded again, apart from doing yoga is to find our way back to nature.
Reconnecting with the natural rhythm of the flora & fauna as well as the weather around us, has an instant calming and zen effect. Also, remembering that the sun will always rise, that the tide still flows in and out and that the plants still grow can help to ease difficult times.

Here are five simple and easy ways to return you to the loving embrace of Mother Nature.

#1 Walk Around with Bare Feet

reconnect with nature

This is easier for those of us who live in hotter climates, but even then we always tend to wear sandals or flip-flops, which separates us from the grounding experience of walking barefoot. Not only are there thousands of nerve endings and reflexology points on the soles of the feet, but shows often crap up the muscles and tendons, and can have negative effects on our posture. So kick off the shoes, and walk on the sand, grass, dirt, mud and puddles to truly experience them.

#2 Find the Elements

reconnect with nature

Take some time to seek out the five basic elements which form the foundation of all things, Earth is the easiest as it is everywhere. Find some natural water like the sea or a lake, be outside with the wind and fresh air (escape the city if possible), and build a fire to star gaze out to space at night.

Photo: Return back to basics and re-connect with the natural world, an opportunity to experience at our sister Fijian resort, Navutu Stars Resort Fiji.

#3 Go on a Wildlife Hunt

reconnect with nature

Go for a walk and bring a notebook, try to find and identify as many different species of animals as you can, from insects to birds and mammals. Make a list and see how many you know by name.

Photo: Bird Watching at Boeng Peariang in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Boeng Peariang Bird Reserve, situated not too far away from UNESCO’s Angkor Archaeological Park is a great place to experience the amazing Cambodian wildlife.

#4 Mindful Walking with No Distractions

reconnect with nature

Turn off the phone, leave the MP3 player behind, and walk without a destination. Make sure you have time to get beautifully lost, or just to walk without concern over the destination. Walk slowly and take everything in, look all around you, and feel every sensation as you move.

Photo: Forest Bathing at Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Forest bathing is a new trend in wellness which is simply spending time in the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere. This practice has been proven for its therapeutic or bathing effects.

#5 Drawing in Nature

reconnect with nature

Take a picnic to a nice site and relax there. Bring a notepad and some pencils to allow you to sketch your surroundings, whether that is plants, trees, animals, the sky, anything at all. Focus purely on the task at hand, drawing each detail and immersing yourself in the activity.

Taking time for yourself to reconnect and refresh is so simple, but can have some big results in terms of improving our mindset and sometimes that is all we really need.

Navutu Dream Resort & Wellness Retreat

reconnect with nature

Are you ready to reconnect with nature?

If ever you are visiting Siem Reap – the home of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and would like to reconnect with nature, Navutu Dreams is your choice of stay. Our Siem Reap Hotel Resort is the only wellness retreat in an eco-chic resort setting where guests have the chance to reconnect with nature through our green space, adventures and environmental activities we have on offer such as a visit to a Siem Reap Bird Sanctuary and a Walking Meditation in an Angkorian forest. We are a perfect green retreat from the buzzing city life where you can re-connect with yourself from within as well as the natural world.

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