8 Wellness Retreats for the Perfect Balance

Sure, getaways and mini-breaks give you time to relax and be away from the pressures and demands of daily life. However, if you are planning to get away at the same time ‘reboot’ mind and body, might as well immerse yourself in an in-depth health & wellness retreat that not only keeps you feel recharged but also helps you find inner peace and achieve a perfect balance.

Wellness retreats take many different forms, from yoga, detox to spiritual retreats. But which type of retreat is actually for you? Here are some wellness retreat ideas for those who are ready to click the ‘reset button’ and go on a journey of learning, well-being, and transformation.

#1 Yoga Retreats

Wellness Retreats to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

Yoga retreats are for those who have been practicing for a while now and would like to delve deeper into their practice, as well as for those who are just about to begin their journey and reap the amazing benefits of yoga. On a yoga retreat, not only will you get your pose on but you will also start to develop a true connection with your essential self and with others. Most yoga retreats include accommodation in an inspiring setting, daily yoga classes, nourishing meals, plenty of relaxing time and a chance to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

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#2 Meditation Retreats

Yoga, Detox & Wellness Retreats at Navutu Dreams Wellness Resort - Cambodia

Meditation retreats are perfect for those who want to quiet their mind and open their heart. On a meditation retreat, you will learn different tools and techniques to help you calm your mind, release stress and be more in the present and the now. Taking a meditation retreat gives you the opportunity to be one with yourself and connect with that inner peace from within.

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#3 Body Detox Retreats

Wellness Retreats to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

People opt for a body detox retreat whether for weight-loss, a much needed immune system boost or just for a renewed energy. Detox for the body programs can vary from a 3 day gentle fast to a 5 day body detox retreat which includes fasting, juice cleanse and some light body work. Be it a 1 day or a week long body cleanse program, you are guaranteed that your batteries will be recharged and your energies will be restored.

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#4 Mind Detox Retreats

Wellness Retreats to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

Mind Detox Retreats are for individuals who are after holistic healing to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Some benefits of going on a mind detox retreat include stress relief, mental clarity, more restful sleep, and calmer mind. The programs often include yoga, guided meditation, healthy meals, thought release, energy healing, chakra balancing and wellness coaching. Guests who are on a mind detox retreat will surely experience a deep spiritual and emotional transformation.

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#5 Full Moon Retreats

Wellness Retreats to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

These retreats correlate with the moon cycle (full moon or new moon) which is a great time to realize our heart’s deepest desires, heal, get inspired, let go of what no longer serves us and move forward. These retreats are for individuals who wish to experience the uplifting power of the Moon to help them flush the negative and stressful energies out of their being. Full moon retreats promise to bring any participant a new sense of purpose into their lives.

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#6 Digital Detox Retreats

Wellness Retreats to Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

Coming to a digital detox retreat allows you to unplug from technology and be free from the urge to reply to email messages, tweets and calls. On a digital detox retreat, you will forget about the Internet, instead you will have the chance to relax, restore your sense of well-being and indulge yourself in the beauty of the surroundings. After your digital detox wellness retreat, you will learn to reconnect with yourself, appreciate real human connections, be more present in the moment and learn how not to be too much dependent on technology.

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#7 Women’s Healing Retreats

Yoga, Detox & Wellness Retreats at Navutu Dreams Wellness Resort - Cambodia

These retreats are specifically catered for women looking to better connect with their own divine and femininity, be nurtured, maintain harmony and achieve balance. These women-only retreats include yoga, meditation, creative activities, energy healing and revitalizing spa sessions.

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#8 Spiritual Retreats

If you are looking for a deeper experience and would like to reclaim your inner peace amidst the restless life, going on a spiritual retreat can be the perfect answer. Spiritual retreats will guide you through an inner journey of self-discovery, realization and transformation. The program includes yoga, meditation sessions, thought release, chanting, healing and a visit to a sacred or spiritual site.

Looking where to experience these wellness retreats? 

Situated just few minutes away from UNESCO listed heritage site – Angkor Wat in Cambodia, is the wellness sanctuary of Navutu Dreams. Featuring 28 spacious guest rooms & suites, 3 pools, a restaurant, 2 yoga studios and a wellness center, our Siem Reap resort & wellness retreat is the perfect place to go on a holistic wellness journey. Guests can combine their temple exploration with one of our wellness retreats on offer such as yoga mini-breaks, body detox retreats, mind detox programs or private yoga & meditation sessions. For inquiries, you may email our Reservations Team or check our wellness programs here. 

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