Summer has finally arrived and you might just be reading about your next destination.

Angkor Songkran or Khmer New Year is the most celebrated holiday in the country and Siem Reap happens to be the heart of the festival.It is a yearly tradition for families to get together and to give gratitude to their parents, grandparents and ancestors. This is a trip to remember and here are some reasons why you should be traveling this summer to Siem Reap.

The Angkor Wat 

Known for its heritage and aesthetics, Siem Reap is home to Angkor Wat. You get to celebrate new year at the world’s famous temples of Angkor Wat for FREE, which on regular days come with a price tag of $37-$75 for a passGrab a city bike to vibe with the greens of the surroundings. A pleasant site you don’t want to miss.

The Angkor Wat Festivities

While takin in the grand Angkor Wat, you will witness live traditional performances of dances and skits to amuse and educate people. Often-times performers would be needing volunteers to interact with the audience. Traditional game like “Ong Koyn”, where you tag stones from distance and hit people right in the middle of your knee joint as a punishment, is open for all to participate, enjoy and experience. Make friends while enjoying the laughter and gestures of people whose goal is to have fun.

New Year Delights

In every celebration, food is always present and what better way to experience culture than through food. Food stalls are in line waiting for you to be tempted and to entice you with different flavours. Recharge yourself with traditional food from sticky rice in a steamy chopped bamboo to pan fried bite-sized pancakes. Satisfy your street food cravings ranging from 2000 Riel or $.50 to $3.00.

Fun in the City

Discover the city in its wildest state, people running around shooting with water-pistols from hand-sized to bazooka like. Engage yourself in a friendly and fun time in the country. Get yourself a water-proof bag available in every corner of a street to protect your phones and wallets. Unleash the kid inside you and enjoy the experience.

Immerse in the Culture

For cultural experience, Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat offers you a chance to be an authentic local. We invite you to experience the true essence of the festival which is thanksgiving. Dress up for an early trip after a plenteous breakfast and head to Wat Bo pagoda, a beautiful and spiritually filled temple just minutes away from the resort. Join us in every process starting with preparing the stacks of trays of food offered to monks before receiving blessing, and afterwards, head over back to the resort and enjoy a picnic with local delicacies made for the season.

In the afternoon you have the option of local community tour and interact with families there. We at Navutu Dreams gives you the best experience of what life is like for a local in the midst of their most-awaited holiday vacation.

Experience Authentic Khmer New Year

A day-trip that provides you real experience of what life is like in the Kingdom. Be an authentic local for a day with us, Navutu Dreams offers you this authentic Angkor Songkran celebration for only US$35.00 ++ per person. US$15.00++ for children ages below 12 years old. In order to get this offer, you must book directly with us or contact our Reservations Team. Please mention ‘Angkor Songkran Package” to avail this offer.

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