American poet Henry Longfellow wrote that ‘music is the universal language of mankind.’ Acclaimed Italian opera conductor, Aaron Carpene certainly echoes this sentiment with his passion for bridging boundaries across cultures through music. His travels has created a personal fervor to create pioneering musical events which blends 17th and 18th century European music with the unique, intrinsic performing art traditions of other cultures. It is the inspiration behind the ‘Mozart in Angkor,’ an event slated for late 2019. This has also led to the staging of the much-lauded Japan Orfeo, an integration of Monteverdi’s first operatic masterpiece with the Noh Theater, Nihon Buyo and Gagaku Music and Opera Bhutan, a critically acclaimed intercultural operatic performance of G.F. Handel’s Acis and Galatea infused with traditional Bhutanese music, dance and costume.

From September 20-28, 2018, Aaron Carpene will be heading back to Bhutan. He is extending his invitation to aficionados of travel, culture and music to join him on his journey to further uncover and document Bhutan’s rich music treasures. This bespoke package created by All Bhutan Travel aptly named ‘Masters of Music’ offers the experience of traveling with Aaron across the kingdom’s majestic landscape while immersing you in its distinctive, musical heritage. It is also an opportunity to help preserve Himalayan music by assisting during on-site live recordings while visiting historic, sacred temples.

This ten (10) day land, all inclusive package is priced at US$4,588. For more inquiries, please visit

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