Paddy McGrath of Dancing Spine Pad is doing a workshop in Siem Reap Cambodia this coming November. A series of workshop for the spine which Paddy herself developed from learning different aspects of Yoga. 

Paddy’s own dancing series has reached different parts of the world and she has managed to help and express the importance of complete flow movement.

Navutu Dreams is delighted to welcome Paddy McGrath back to Siem Reap and our Samadhi Yogashala for a very special series of master classes. Paddy teaches with deep passion and humour with her ever-evolving quest to ‘unbutton the spine – so it can dance’. Assimilating decades of studies, initially under back bend master V Venketesh (Mysore India) and senior Iyengar and Ashtanga teachers in both India and Australia. Later, Paddy studied with teachers Diane Long, Angela Farmer and John Stirk who had the greatest impact on her teaching.

Paddy will teach a series of four workshops to introduce a unique approach to yoga asanas (influenced by Scaravelli spinal yoga) and Paddy’s own 30 years of exploration of many styles and other forms of inner arts. This approach its all about freeing the spine’ and discovering a lightness and ease in postures. The aim is a quality of movement that is both natural and beautiful and spills into daily life. Paddy focuses on backbends and inversions to help discover a sense of lightness. These sessions are especially helpful to teachers and aspiring teachers and students who are ready to move beyond the basics. Flexibility is not important and rusty students are welcome as much as advanced students.

 Each session will focus on a different major group of asana practice and it’s recommended to join more than one session to really get the most out of your Paddy’s teaching

Sat 17th November
Discover the snake and the fish and other concepts for the spine’s natural brilliance through back-bends and forward-bends

Sun 18th November
Discover ‘tensegrity’ and how to make inversions ‘float’

Sat 24th November
Discover ‘nerve stretching’ as opposed to muscle stretching and the freedom to find balance.  

Sun 25th November
Discover the bounce and inner vibration of movements through twists and supine poses and standing backbends.

This wonderful workshop is priced at $20++ per person for 1 class and $18++ per person for two classes or more. To book this amazing workshop kindly email us at [email protected] or call us directly at +855 63 964 864

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