Plastic Free Siem Reap

For a place like Siem Reap where tourism is an important contributor to its nation’s prosperity, there is a big opportunity for us to help raise awareness of Plastic Free Living. Asking travelers, the community, people around us to try and be more aware of our impact, to what we bring with us and to what we take away; no littering and generating as little trash as possible, and only using reusable & eco-friendly items. Let us take advantage of Plastic Free July and share our efforts to promote plastic free living in Siem Reap. 

Our world is changing and the environment is deteriorating; the biggest cause of this is us. What are we going to do about it?

This July, the world is celebrating Plastic Free living and we being a sustainable and eco-resort at Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat will do our part to help reduce plastic pollution for our future kids to have a clean and safe world to live in. 

Navutu Dreams Team volunteered for Plastic Free July - Plastic Free Siem Reap

Last July 1st, we took part and gave back to the beautiful city of Siem Reap by joining our friends from different hotels and firms to clean the surroundings of Tonle Sap river. An initiative in making the city greener, sustainable, more responsible and plastic free. A great time to enjoy the environment with your colleagues and friends where it benefits everyone. An encouraging sight to see everyone sharing the same goal and doing the same thing. We have the power to be the solution and the change starts with you.

Clean the City of Siem Reap community last July 1st - Plastic Free Siem ReapEco-travel to Siem Reap

To remove all single-use plastic is what we are aiming for, to live and travel a plastic free life and Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is proud to promote our environmental friendly acts to keep Siem Reap clean and beautiful:


Navutu Dreams Food takeaway packaging - Plastic Free Living Siem ReapAt Navutu, we are committed to helping eliminate single-use plastic, one of the biggest environmental issues for Cambodia. Our eco-friendly food packaging for takeaway meals is made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, primarily sugarcane harvested in Cambodia. Together with our eco-friendly food packaging, we understand the need to stop the use of plastic bags. We are proud to use one of Southeast Asia’s root vegetables, cassava, as the main source of biodegradable bags. These bags are used in our rooms, by housekeeping, and for takeaways.


Refillable Glass Bottles & Navutu Refill Stations - Plastic Free Living Siem ReapNavutu guests can now refill their own water bottles in our resort for free. As part of our mission to help everyone live a plastic free life, we encourage our guests to carry reusable bottles by offering convenient refill points. All refill stations are supplied with UV filtered water that is clean and safe to drink. To help in the fight against single-use plastic, all of our guests are given clean and sterilized glass bottles in their room. We encourage our guests to use our refill stations positioned throughout the resort for free. They can also purchase our beautiful glass bottles to take part in this environmental campaign.


Navutu Bamboo & Lemongrass Straws - Plastic Free Living Siem Reap

Plastic straws are replaced by bamboo and lemongrass as we continue to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in our resort. We make sure our straws are sterilized and 100% safe for our guest’s use. Guests can also purchase our straws in our Boutique to carry on the fight for plastic free living when they return home.

What can you do to make a change?

We should all have corporate social responsibility because we can create a big impact if only we believe that we can give back to the community. It’s important for us as individuals and for businesses to have a soul because it’s not just about the money.

We should all work together and be more aware of the issue because we all want clean water, clean air, and clean environment and that’s not something people should be fighting for because that’s a basic human right of every single person. 

Be responsible, be informed, let us support one another and help promote clean and live in a plastic free environment.

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