No Plastic in My Hotel


Our eco-friendly luxury resort, Navutu Dreams is committed to ensure our environment remains sustainable where guests stay at a plastic-free hotel in Siem Reap.

Navutu Dreams’ guests can enjoy experiences immersed in nature from tours, attractions, food, wellness activities, events, leisure, and accommodation while staying in an eco-friendly hotel. Our makes sure plastic are reduced and that ocal community is the fundamental reason for our natural beauty. 

Our guests maintain their environmental practices using only local energy, refillable glass bottles, natural local products, local community tours, and be part of our free community yoga classes and many other more. Our plastic-free hotel encourages not only our guests but our community to support ecotourism in Cambodia. We are proud to be recognized by International and local organization who confirms and validates our environmental and social acts of no plastic in my hotel.

This coming September 19, our partner CleangreenCambodia is hosting a conference at our prestigious resort to host the very first #NOPLASTICINMYHOTEL” event aimed at discussing how to reduce plastic waste and other areas of impact in hotels.

During this event, there will be presentations and discussions to reflect on the actions that can be taken to reduce hotels’ plastic use and other areas of impact. The #noplasticinmy hotel pledge will also be presented to encourage hotels to reduce their plastic waste (more details about the pledge can be found here).

Organizations participating include:

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat


Naga Earth

Global Green Growth Institute Cambodia

Clean Green Cambodia

Kambio Nature

Registration #noplasticinmyhotel conference

Please register your interest in the form below or via our Facebook event.

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