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Auriculotherapy 101: What it is + who it helps


Auriculotherapy Of several remedies, the physician should choose the least sensational. – Hippocrates Acupuncture has been a popular alternative medicine for thousands of years in Asia, but in the middle of last century a French doctor introduced the East and West to auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture, and it has been gaining followers ever since. Even as the […]

Embracing Traditional Medicine, Wellness Retreat

TCM Navutu Dreams Wellness Retreat

At the Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat, we encourage the practices of traditional medicine. What is traditional medicine essentially? According to the World Health Organization, traditional medicine are practices, knowledge and beliefs that incorporates plants, animals and mineral-based medicines. Together with those, approaches using spiritual therapies, manual techniques or exercises, applied singularly or in combination to treat, […]

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