Destination-inspired Activities

Pradakshina | A Spiritual, Forest Meditation Experience US$190 net per person

Get connected with yourself and with nature at a deeper level. Set your sights on the life around you. Feel the earth underneath your feet. Listen to the calming sounds of nature, the wind through the trees. Feel the sunshine and breeze on your skin. Immerse yourself into the sanctity of the environment and become a part of it.

Navutu Dreams offers an experience of a lifetime ‘Pradakshina, a Sacred, Forest Meditation Experience’, a destination-inspired activity – in the discovery of the sacred. This experience is aimed to help you to be in one with yourself, find calm and peace and help you reap the healing effects of Mother Nature.

Forest Bathing US$190 net per person

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat‘s approach on Forest Bathing integrates leisure walks on select paths with guided activities and meditation which enables you to indulge yourself in the forest and have you connected with the nature like you have never experienced before. This walking meditation offered by Navutu Dreams will let you have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Immerse yourself and experience the healing power of Nature.  Learn more>>

Pranayama Meditation starts from US$35.00 net

This is a sunrise or early morning private yoga at a local pagoda or at an Angkorian temple. Administered by one of our wellness experts, the session will last for 60 minutes. You will be transferred by the resort to and from the temple on a tuk-tuk. Water, mat and towels will be provided by the resort. 48 hours prior reservation required. Subject to teacher’s availability. To respect the sanctity of the temple grounds, class admittance is limited to 4 people. A private yoga session at a local pagoda is priced at US$50 net per person minimum of two or US$100 net per person while a private yoga session at Phnom Krom is priced at US$90 net per person minimum of two persons.

Sunset Meditation starts from US$50 net pp

Get inspired, re-charged and re-vitalized. Embrace the serenity and sense of romance sunset brings to the mind, body and soul with destination-inspired activity, a ‘’Sacred Sunset Meditation at Wat Svay Romeat by Navutu Dreams.’’ It is a guided meditation to be led by one of Navutu Yoga’s  wellness retreat masters done amidst the sacred space of the beautiful Wat Svay Romeat Pagoda. A guided sunset meditation is priced at US$50 net per person minimum of two or US$100 net per person. 

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