Niam Niam Restaurant

Breakfast at Siem Reap's Wellness Retreat: Niam Niam Restaurant

Eat! Eat!

The name of Navutu Dreams’ restaurant, “Niam Niam”, literally means ”eat, eat!” in Khmer language. Embracing the finest traditions from our favorite cultures, Niam Niam’s menu incorporates the best Southern Cambodian flavors from Kep Province, authentic Italian  recipes from home, contemporary international cuisine and lovingly created vegetarian dishes within its very own wellness dining menu.

Since we have already let out the big secret of our restaurant in our name (to eat), you can be assured that dining with us will be a ”one of a kind” experience,  your palate will be gaining no matter which meal of the day you will be choosing.

Navutu Dream’s restaurant menu offers patrons the ultimate dining experience for all tastes, palates and moods.

Authentic, Organic, Local

Our chefs use locally sourced herbs to make his signature sauces and, true to classical Italian methods, all of the pastas are homemade. Authentic Italian cuisine incorporates only the highest quality ingredients, and following in that tradition, our dishes are all accompanied by organic rice from local suppliers.

Do you love the taste and texture of meat? Our locally acquired meat varieties will be seared, sauteed, steamed, barbequed and cooked in any way you prefer.

Vegetarian Options

Are you vegetarian or simply keeping healthy? No problem! Try our incredibly fresh tasting salads from the local fields. The Khmer food has some distinctive taste that comes from blending chilies, local herbs such as lemongrass, sweet basil and rice paddy herb. All these with a bit of lemon juice can make a European salad into an exotic one so don’t be shy to inquire about all these to test your taste buds!

If you would be interested in learning from our chef some of our delightful wellness and Cambodian recipes, book a Culinary Tour. Chef will take you to Agri Sud’s organic farm to pick the day’s ingredients from their garden. Hop on to an ox-cart for a brief trip to the farm and have a refreshing coconut on the way. At the resort, the chef’s team would have your own cooking station at the gardens set-up by the time you get back. Cook with our chef and partake of the meal you have just prepared with a friend or a loved-one over lunch. You will have your Certificate and your Recipes as souvenirs of the day. A Culinary Tour is at US$60.00++ per person.

Culinary Specials at Navutu Dreams

Niam Niam Restaurant

Our culinary sessions are light, fun and easy. Our culinary team will you guide you through this amazing culinary journey which allows you to bring back home and recreate your favourite Cambodian dishes.

Bookings are required for our Special Summer Cooking Class. The culinary class is priced at US$52.00++ per person.



Niam Niam Restaurant


Indulge your taste buds and dine intimately at our rooftop terrace or by our gardens. Our team will be delighted to craft a romantic dinner date for you and your special someone. The dinner is priced at US$80.00++ for two which includes a set dinner menu with a bottle of house wine.

For inquiries, please contact our reservations team at [email protected].


Personalized Service

As the leading Wellness Resort in Cambodia, we cater to any and all diets. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. We will work with you and our chef to create a personalized menu to suit your needs for the perfect dining experience.

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