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Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat is a spa for the mind, body and soul. For those in search of a comprehensive experience and total relaxation, we offer daily yoga classes and Wellness Programs to complement your stay with us. With an elite staff of masseuses and wellness experts always on hand, our focus is on whole body health and healing. Our signature treatments range from traditional Asian massages to body scrubs, facials and wraps that incorporate local, tropical ingredients aimed at making you your best self.


Treatment Menu

Combine any number of our spa treatments during your stay to aid in the relaxation and rejuvenation process. Exfoliate to rid yourself of the grit and grime of everyday life, cleanse your skin and blood of toxin buildup, and breathe easier with our carefully crafted aromatherapy treatments.

Queen Bee Facial: 60 min $35.00++ (subject to prevailing taxes & service charge)
Indulge in this ultimate organic treatment. A gentle rice exfoliation and a deep tissue facial massage allow the vitamin and mineral rejuvenating properties of honey to deeply penetrate the skin. Honey, known for millennia for its restorative qualities, creates a moist environment for the skin to naturally heal itself. The honey mask is then followed by a refreshing cucumber mask.
Royal Facial for Man: 60 min $35.00++
A gentle cleansing and a sticky rice exfoliation are followed by a face massage and a white mud mask. A refreshing and invigorating cucumber mask is finally applied.
Good enough to eat Facial: 50 min $38.00++
A delicate papaya exfoliation, a gentle massage, a fresh yogurt mask, and finally a rich banana mask to nourish your epidermis and regenerate your glowing complexion.
Coconut Shrubs Body Scrub: 60 min $35.00++
Experience the exfoliating properties of fresh Coconut Flakes, Salt and Oil Scrub, whisk away dead cells and repair your soothed skin with the detoxifying agents found in natural ingredients prepared with care minutes before your scrub. Your skin reveals a satin smooth and silky tropical radiant glow.
Navutu Body Scrub: 60 min $35.00++
The naturally rejuvenating properties of the Khmer herb ‘’pley’’ and tamarind juices are extracted especially for you. Navutu Scrub will restore glow to your smooth skin. A massage concludes the treatment, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.
Vera Body Wrap, Fresh Aloe Vera: 60 min $35.00++
Renown for centuries for its soothing and restoring qualities fresh aloe is applied on your body and is then allowed soak into your skin thanks to the insulation provided by the local banana leaf. A soothing and cooling treatment especially for sun burnt skin. The ultimate relaxation is reached by a hand and foot massage.
Lady in Paradise: 130 min $80.00++
A definite must try! Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating facial, an organic wrap and a relaxation massage, leave feeling in heaven.

Navutu Dreams Spa is a fully serviced tropical spa, where traditional Asian Massages are complemented with a selection of tropical treatments inspired by our experience in the South Pacific. These products and services, like the Coconut and Papaya Scrub, Fresh Aloe Vera Body Wrap and Local Clay & Wild Honey Facial, are not available anywhere else in Siem Reap.

Massage Menu

Relaxation Massage: 60 min $38.00++ (subject to prevailing taxes & service charge)
A classic favorite! This soothing massage concentrates on gentle touches to give you an overall sense of wellbeing, calming the nervous system, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, which carries away waste products. You might fall asleep during a relaxation massage.
Khmer Massage: 60 min $32.00++
This invigorating massage will help you improve your flexibility through passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to relax the body and ease muscular tension. The therapist will use different parts of her body to work on your muscles, leaving you wonderfully relaxed and in bliss.
Traditional Thai Massage: 60 min $35.00++
This ancient massage focuses on aligning the body energies. Thai massage was first developed 2500 years ago by Buddhist monks in Thailand for healing and curative purposes. Also considered a form of a passive yoga, this massage is deeply relaxing and energizing.
Four Hands Massage: 60 min $50.00++
A relaxation massage delivered by the touch of four hands rather than two. Indulge in a double bliss.
Champissage, Indian Head Massage: 60 min $38.00++
The head, neck and face are massaged to re-balance energy channels, clearing all blocks that cause a build-up of negative energy. Revitalizing, rejuvenating and deeply relaxing it is the most effective against stress and body aches.
Aromatherapy massage: 60 min $35.00++
A special blend of aromatherapy oils is massaged on your skin for the ultimate sensory experience. Particular care is given to the face, head and hands to stimulate the blood flow and activate nerve endings.

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