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Solo Female Travel in Cambodia | Siem Reap as a Destination for the Solo Travelers

Solo Female Travel | Siem Reap, Angkor of Cambodia

Solo Female Travel in Cambodia According to research, more women are becoming much more adventurous travelers and are traveling independently than ever before. With loads of information available online, destinations that are safe and welcoming for the independent travelers and travel companies that offer single-friendly tours, solo female travel is now in every woman’s dream. […]

Angkor Visitor Code of Conduct | What Not To Do When Visiting Angkor

Angkor Visitor Code of Conduct

Angkor Visitor Code of Conduct After several incidents of tourists behaving badly at the Angkor Archaeological Park, the Apsara Authority has finally released a visitor code of conduct for tourists visiting the temples. The Apsara Authority has already released some materials which have been handed out to Siem Reap hotels, resorts and business establishment. The printed materials are available in English, French, Chinese, Khmer, Japanese, Korean […]

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