Daily Yoga Schedule


Dedicated to promoting wellness and supporting the healthy lifestyle of its guests, Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams offers daily yoga classes.

Fee for Khmer Nationals: $3.00++ | Fee for Masterclass: US12.00++ | Fee per person: $8.00++/Class / | Drop-ins Welcome  | Changes in schedule may occur. Please inquire by email ([email protected]) or call (855) 63 964764 for updates.


07:30 am Ashtanga (75 min)
06:30 pm Khmer Community Class (75 min)


07:30 am Vinyasa (75 min)
6:30 pm Restorative/Yin (75 min)


07:30 am Yin (75 min)
6:30 pm Hatha (75 min)


7:30 am Kriya Vinyasa (75 min)
6:30 pm Yoga Basics (75 min)


07:30 am  Hatha (75 min)
6:30 pm Vinyasa (75 min)


08:30 am Vinyasa Level 2 (75 min)
11:00 am Masterclass ( 2hr Session)
04:00 pm Sivananda (75 min)


08:30 am Hatha Alignment (75 min)
04:00 pm Restorative (75 min)

Please note that from November 21-25, 2018, there won’t be any yoga class and our next class will be on the evening of November 25 (Sunday) at 4:00 pm for Restorative Class. Classes will be back to normal schedule on November 26 (Monday.

All classes are 75mins except our Masterclass on Saturday is two hours. Masterclass will focus on specific practice – check our Facebook Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams or Instagram @samadhiyogashalanavutu

Private classes for yoga, Bodywork, Breathwork or meditation
are readily available within the resort’s yoga shala. Pranayama meditation or yoga at sunrise in an Angkorian temple or in a beautiful pagoda may also be arranged with prior reservations. Please email [email protected] for further inquiries. For tailor-made experiences or proposals for corporate wellness activities, please contact [email protected].

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