Daily Yoga Schedule


Dedicated to promoting wellness and supporting the healthy lifestyle of its guests, Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams offers daily yoga classes.

Fee for Khmer Nationals: $4.00 net | Fee for Workshop: $15.00 net | Fee per person: $9.00 net /Class / | Navutu Tribe (one-month unlimited yoga): $80.00 net | Drop-ins Welcome  | Changes in schedule may occur. Please inquire by email ([email protected]) or call (855) 63 964764 for updates.


07:30 am Yoga & Meditation (75 min)
06:30 pm Community Class (75 min)


07:30 am Ashtanga (75 min)
6:30 pm Restorative  (75 min)


07:30 am Yin (75 min)
6:30 pm Hatha (75 min)


7:30 am Vinyasa Flow (75 min)
6:30 pm Sivananda  (75 min)


07:30 am  Hatha (75 min)
6:30 pm Gentle Vinyasa Flow (75 min)


08:30 am Vinyasa Flow 2 (75 min)
11:00 am Workshop( 2hr Session)
04:00 pm Hatha (75 min)


08:30 am Hatha (75 min)
04:00 pm Restorative (75 min)

All classes are 75mins except our Workshop on Saturday is two hours. Workshop will focus on specific practice – check our Facebook Samadhi Yogashala & Wellness Center by Navutu Dreams or Instagram @samadhiyogashalanavutu

Private classes for Yoga, Bodywork, Breathwork or meditation
are readily available within the resort’s yoga shala. Pranayama meditation or yoga at sunrise in an Angkorian temple or in a beautiful pagoda may also be arranged with prior reservations. Please email [email protected] for further inquiries. For tailor-made experiences or proposals for corporate wellness activities, please contact [email protected].

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